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Aprés Gel-X™ is the world's first soft gel nail extension system! Fast and easy to apply, Gel-X™ tips and Extend gel are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! Try Gel-X™ as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions.

A luxury experience from start to finish

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“My favorite thing about Speranza is the people that work here and their attention to detail”

- Sophia

"Great at doing Gel-X"


My favorite thing about Speranza is their detailed service and friendly staff"


Home of
the Hurricanettes

We are proud to sponsor the University of Miami “Hurricanettes”  Dance Team. This elite team of skilled dancers is comprised of 15 to 25 talented members .


​​ With an emphasis on technique and showmanship, the Hurricanettes Dance Team performs with the Frost Band of the Hour at University of Miami football games and select basketball games, and we couldn’t be more happy of having the opportunity to give them the best Nail Art in the area.

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Tired of dirty salons and poor quality services? When you visit our Salon you get:


The highest standard in nail and pedicure services


The highest standard in cleanliness


More than 200 colors to choose from


Free 2-hour Parking


Ongoing education for our nail technicians to

provide the latest products and services



Meet Our Boss Lady

Proudly owned and managed by a Top-tier Nails technician educator


Cecilia Alvarez

CEO & Founder

Meet Cecilia Alvarez, the creative force behind Speranza Nails Boutique. With a proven track record in the beauty industry, Cecilia's journey began with Paloma Nails Boutique, evolving into the establishment of Paloma Nails School and Paloma TV.


Now, with Speranza Nails Boutique, Cecilia continues to redefine nail artistry, offering personalized services and fostering a com- munity of beauty enthusiasts.


Her commitment to excellence and pas- sion for innovation shine through in every aspect of her work, making Speranza Nails Boutique a destination for those seeking top-tier nail care."


  • 1) What services does Speranza Nails Boutique offer?
    Speranza Nails Boutique offers a wide range of nail services including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, nail art, and more. We specialize in providing high-quality nail treatments to our clients.
  • 2) How do I book an appointment?
    Booking an appointment at Speranza Nails Boutique is easy. You can schedule your appointment online through our website or by giving us a call at (786) 593-2969. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect time for your nail treatment.
  • 3) What are your operating hours?
    Our operating hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM We are open Monday to Saturday for your convenience.
  • 4) Do you accept walk-ins?
    While we do accept walk-in appointments whenever possible, we recommend booking in advance to ensure availability and minimize wait times.
  • 5) What types of nail treatments do you specialize in?
    We specialize in a variety of nail treatments including gel manicures, Apres Gel-X nails, spa pedicures, Deluxe Pedicure, Luxury Pedicure, nail art, and more. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to delivering beautiful and long-lasting results.
  • 6) Can I bring my own nail polish?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring your own nail polish if you have a specific color or brand preference. However, we also offer a wide selection of high-quality nail polishes for you to choose from during your appointment.
  • 7) Do you cater to group bookings for special occasions?
    Absolutely! We love hosting group bookings for events such as bridal parties, birthdays, and girls' nights out. Please contact us in advance to discuss availability and special arrangements.
  • 8) What is your cancellation policy?
    We kindly ask for at least 24 hours' notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments. Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in a cancellation fee.
  • 9) Do you offer any promotions or discounts?
    Yes, we regularly run promotions and discounts on our nail services. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our latest offers.
  • 10) How do I gift a service?
    Click here to purchase a gift card. ( hay q ponerle el link)
  • 11) How can I redeem my gift card?
    At checkout, select the gift card from the payments option. Enter the gift card number and click apply.
  • 11) What can I apply my gift card towards?
    All services

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